It is time again for the portals to the past to be opened. As we celebrate 19 years of Norrathian history, Chronomancers are appearing in EverQuest II to open up the Chronoportals. Brave souls may travel back in time to fight famous foes, such as Fippy Darkpaw and Terrorantula!

The Age of Turmoil Painting

There are eight Portals to the Past for you to seek: Qeynos Hills, Plains of Karana, Qeynos Ruins, Steamfont, Nagafen’s Lair, Southern Desert of Ro, Ocean of Tears, and Guk. And remember, Tazstra K’Rzheett waits in the Commonlands with a special quest as well!

The Chronoportals can already be found in Norrath, but act quickly! These events will only be available through Monday, March 26, 2018 (though the Merchants will stick around until April 2).

Alongside content from the past, there are a few new features for you to discover this year as well.

New Items:

  • Erben and Distun Delki, the Chronoportal merchants, are selling 5 new paintings.

Chronoportal Paintings

TLE Servers:

  • On Stormhold all portals are opened and you'll be able to experience the entirety of the Chronoportal Phenomenon!
  • Fallen Gate hasn't made it far enough in the future to warrant going back in time quite yet. If you're playing on this server, you won't be able to experience the Chronoportal Phenomenon this year.


If the idea of going back in time is making your head spin, you can read a more detailed writeup of the Chronoportal Phenomenon over at ZAM

The portals will close on March 26th - will you be brave enough to venture through the Chronoportals this year?