The Plane of Air is a seemingly eternal realm, with few tangible forms found within its innumerable layers of vapor and atmosphere.

Pockets of swirling gases and patches of cloud-like substances, flawless in their design and beauty, dominate the planescape. Though there is no visible source of luminescence in this world, the surrounding horizons remain painted in rose, azure, and indigo during the day, while at night a blanket of deep cobalt envelops the plane.

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind, is a collection of floating, majestic islands within the plane. Here Xegony, the Queen of Air, has nurtured creatures of flight and beings of air and light. Butterfly-winged bixies and peacock-crested aviaks thrive amongst feathered serpents and air elementals, native to this celestial plane, all of which will defend their space and their goddess with their lives.

Travelers to the realm will find the wind can be gentle and soothing with the lightest touch, just as it can be full of wrath, delivering judgement swiftly in unceasing gales.


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