Tunare has begun to whisper to the animals of Norrath and now the season of Growth is upon us. Across Faydwer, Antonica, and all around the world, more and more fuzzy little creatures have begun to get excited. So much so, there are even rumors among some druids that bunnies have been hopping around hiding eggs in anticipation of the festivities. And the excitement isn’t just within the fauna, it’s also with the flora! It’s springtime and the world around you wants to celebrate.

  • New features for '24! 
    • Live Servers
      • 5 New Beast'r Eggs are available! Search for these new flavor pets across Norrath.
      • New achievement and title earned by obtaining all 5 of the new eggs.
        • Ultra Beast'r Egg Hunter
      • Beast'r Eggschanger merchants have 7 new items!
    • Special Rules Servers
      • Varsoon, Kael Drakkel & Zarrakon servers:
        • The entire event is active!

Pink Stained Glass Egg, Pixie Powder Leaves Tile, Orange Stained Glass Egg, 
Floramyst Gorilla Plushie, Blue Stained Glass Egg, Floramyst Doe Plushie.

  • Returning features:
    • In-game mail to announce the event and summarize location of event.
    • Fluff pet crates sold via marketplace
    • Search out Beast'r Eggs across Norrath to get flavor pets.
    • Beast'r Eggschanger event exclusive merchant items
    • Achievements
      • Master Beast'r Egg Hunter
      • Accomplished Beast'r Egg Hunter
      • Beast'r Egg Hunter
    • Collections
      • Colorful Egg Shells
      • Stained Glass Egg Shells
    • Overseer Quests
      • Offered by Ambrosis in Darklight Wood
      • Dryad Danger - Hemponia in Everfrost
      • Dryad Danger - Nettelia in Withered Lands
      • Dryad Danger - Save the Flutterwasps 

Be sure to enjoy the festivities before it bounds away! This short and sweet event began today March 29, 2024 and will end on April 3, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. 

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