November 8, 2004, years of design and the melding of many great minds launched the next generation of online gaming. EverQuest II was brought to life, but it's true lifeforce was all of you Norrathians.


Today, let's take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about how far we've all come. Just this past year alone we've raised flagons together on Brew Day, we've pulled the veil aside to help you get to know some of our designers and programmers, we've shared a few laughs thanks to the mischief of Bristlebane, we've braved the shadows, and now as we celebrate the Heroes' Festival (check it out if you haven't already!), let's embrace the future where we're all about to be devoured by cannibalistic pygmies and a giant, angry, spikey lizard.


Visions of Vetrovia is just around the corner, but let's go back and see just how incredible this journey together has been. We hope you enjoy the feelings of nostalgia, and thank you once again for being part of our family.


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