Yun Zi is back this week with a new request for assistance, and of course, a new batch of rewards! Complete Yun Zi's eighth Days of Summer quest and earn yourself greaves, a Warslik Pridewing, the Ascension of Tol'Ren, an Acension Focus Rune: Untapped Potential and the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #8. The friendly merchant will also help you out by increasing your Divine Potency to level 50!

Days of Summer Decoration Pack 8

In order to complete this week's quest, you'll have to make sure you've completed all of Yun Zi's previous quests first!

Yun Zi will have a final quest available for you next week on Tuesday, September 26th at 12:01AM PT. Yun Zi himself will be sticking around past the end of summer, so you'll have a chance to catch up on any of quests you may have missed.


Head on out there, adventurer - Yun Zi is waiting!