Beginning the week of October 12th, you will see the new Daybreak game cards at U.S. Best Buy, GameStop, and Toys R Us retailers.

The new cards will come in two denominations: $25 and $50. There are four card designs in all and every retailer will get multiple copies of each card design. Collect the whole set!

New Daybreak Card Art

In November, the cards are scheduled to be available in Target locations across the U.S.

Daybreak Cash is the in-game currency that unlocks thousands of cool items, services, and adventures in your favorite Daybreak Games. We appreciate your patience while we roll out these new cards, and we hope you enjoy them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I used to buy cards to pay for All Access membership. Will these cards still work?
If you previously used cash cards to purchase All Access membership, don’t fret! When you redeem these new cards at the $25 or $50 denomination, you will have the ability to either redeem for all Daybreak Cash or split the redemption between full months of All Access membership and receive the remainder in Daybreak Cash. The new redemption page will be

Q: A store near me still has the old SOE game cards. Can I still buy those?
The former SOE game cards you might still find on retailer shelves will no longer activate on and after October 7th, 2015. This means that you will not be able to purchase the cards from the retailer who must activate the card at the register.

Q: I have old SOE game cards that I previously purchased but haven’t redeemed. Can I still use these?
If you have a SOE game card you purchased before October 7th, 2015 but have not yet redeemed it, those cards will still redeem and you will receive your DB Cash or Membership, depending upon the card.
Starting October 7th, you will not be able to purchase the older SOE cards. Any cards you had purchased before that date will still redeem.

Q: I live outside the U.S. How can I get one of these cards?
Currently, these cards will only be available in U.S. retailers. You can still purchase Daybreak Cash and membership through alternative methods. Visit for more information!

Q: I bought a card that doesn’t feature the game I play/I can’t find a card with my game on it!
Your Daybreak Cash wallet is accessible in all Daybreak Games titles available on PC. So, for example, if you buy a card with the H1Z1 design, you can still use the cash in PlanetSide 2.

Q: I play DCUO and/or PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation® Network. Can I use these cards?
These cards are redeemable for Daybreak Cash and/or All Access Membership, which are only available on the PC. These cards will not work on the PS3 or PS4.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. Where do I go?
For more information about Daybreak Cash, visit For information on All Access membership, visit For game-specific questions, visit your official game forums.