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Game Update 67, Darkness Dawns, is now live!

Darkness Dawns

The oracles still see chaos and uncertainty on the horizon even with victory for the New Combine army in Cobalt Scar. Join Field Marshal Vishra at Scarstone as he tirelessly guards the newly found Tear of Veeshan - an artifact that could turn the tides of war forever in this time of delicate peace. Is it the key to preventing the end of the world foretold in the Ages End prophecy? Those that have completed "Tear in the Grotto" are being summoned to find out!

Alternate Advancement Templates

Darkness Dawns includes:

  • Fabled Dungeons
  • New Contested Avatars
  • Arena of the Gods
  • Character Advancement Templates (CATs)
  • New Daily Objective Sysytem
  • And more!

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