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Beast’r Egg Hunt Is Here!


Every year when the time is just right, Tunare whispers to the world that Spring is here. Magic overflows, and the flora and fauna rejoice in this season of birth and renewal. Across Norrath, flowers bloom and animals frolic in exuberant celebration.

Inspired by all the spring excitement, Beast’r Eggs have started to hatch and explore the world around them. Some of you may have already spied them hiding around Norrath, and if you’re lucky enough to find one, go interact with it and the egg will become your newest cosmetic pet!

There are 5 different Beast’r Eggs (Frisky, Cheeky, Lovely, Cheery, and Bumbly) and each one has its own unique coloring!

You’ll only be able to find these Beast’r Eggs until 11:59PM PT on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, but if you aren’t able to find one or fill out your collection, never fear! From Thursday, April 20 until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, April 30, they can be found in the Marketplace.

Happy Hunting!

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