Today’s new Marketplace items have both been designed by artists in Player Studio! Eden Evergreen and Neko Zero created this week’s items. 

Many Norrathians enjoy the simply, earthy feel of the lands surrounding the major cities. As you take voyage on foot across Antonica, display your love of travelling by wearing the Traveler’s Joy cloak by Eden Evergreen:

travelers joy cloak

For those who make Kelethin their home, this Exquisite Acorn Chest by Neko Zero is the perfect addition to any home:

exquisite acorn chest

Do you want to use your artistic talents to impact the ever-changing world of Norrath? Player Studio provides artists exactly that opportunity! Available in EverQuest II, as well as EverQuest and Free Realms, Player Studio gives you the chance to share your creative vision and leave a permanent mark on the game worlds you love to inhabit.