To the most excellent adventurers of Norrath, by the grace of The Faceless Ones, defenders of the land, suzerains of Freeport, Qeynos, and Oggok, JChan sends greetings and hopes of greatness found on Norrath and glory on Luclin.


Game Update 117: Whispers of Tyranny is almost here, we’ll be releasing it on March 30th with the patch! It’s time to confront Emperor Ssraeshza and his hordes. Will the magic you’ve empowered yourself with from the Vah Shir finally be enough to take him down? We’re about to find out! With the launch of GU 117 be on the lookout for new signature quests leading into the Plane of Shadows and an Overseer update as well! 


Overseer Season 3 includes:

  • Five new traits!
  • New achievements!
  • New adventures!
  • New agents!
  • New rewards!


If you’re a Raider, you may have noticed a significant improvement in lag with some changes made over the last month. While we’re happy with the decrease in issues, there are still areas of Norrath that continue to suffer from this pernicious problem. Work is still ongoing on solving the overall lag. While I want to be clear it’s still a ways off: we’re continuing the process of a major hardware upgrade to significantly address a number of lag issues. It is currently slated later this year and as we can talk about it more, we will.


For those of you ready for events, Bristlebane Day and Beast’r Eggstravaganza are already on Test and getting ready and all gussied up for everyone on live servers.


Now, it is time to cover some highlights about our TLEs, we know PVP fans are rabidly anticipating Tarinax and it’s impending beta launch (April 6th, by the way, mark your calendars). Take heart it’s going to progress through the expansions and be locked at The Shadow Odyssey. 


On Kaladim, we’re about to reach Destiny of Velious for the first time ever on a TLE server and we’re planning a beta to go along with it. We’ll have more info as we get closer but hold a spot in May for that. 


More than anything I want to thank you for continuing to express and share your love for your corners of Norrath. The passion and excitement you all exhibit on a regular basis is humbling and a great reminder of the dedication we all share for this world that we have built together. 

Ere a misty morn comes again, 

Jenn Chan 

Head of Studio, Darkpaw Games