Only a few short weeks remain before the launch of Kunark Ascending, but are you ready?  If you haven’t met a few pre-requisites which will ensure you can enjoy the new content, now is the time!

EQ2 Wire has a great writeup on which content you’ll need to complete not only to begin the Kunark Ascending Signature quest but finally upgrade that Epic weapon you meant to finish. 

Here is just one of the new Epic weapons you’ll be able to earn:


If you want to finish a few more AA points, this week’s Gear Up, Level Up promotion will grant double experience and loot to everyone! 

If you wrapped all those up (of course you finished Speak like a Dragon year ago!) then be sure  you have logged on to Beta and earned your rewards for participating.   Everything you need to do you can find right here in our forum post!

Kunark Awaits so don’t be caught unprepared!