• The Heritage Crate DBC Claim has now been switched from Blood Ember Heritage Crates to Tolan’s Darkwood Heritage Crates.
  • Fixed some cases where ranged auto-attack would remain active outside of combat.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause multiple house lore objects to collide when using the house move command and potentially cause a loss of depot contents.
  • Race change UI will now update to reflect recent race purchases without requiring an account login action.



  • Groups will now be notified about who used the /cancel_ho_starter command.
  • Corrected an issue where using a damage override effect could break dispel and cure effects.
  • Corrected several instances where Assassin's was spelled Assasin's
  • Corrected an issue that caused all of the camping out messages to display all at once.



  • Item drops from Dedalyk have been updated



  • Deceiver's Cloak - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Fungus Dagger - Typo in item description is fixed.
  • Goo Covered Boot - Description typo fixed.
  • Pummeler's Stitched Collar - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Sheila Everling's Boots of Colossus - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Sheila Everling's Chestplate of Colossus - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Sheila Everling's Legplates of Colossus - Item name is now spelled correctly.



  • Illusions rewarded from live event participation can no longer be dispelled by NPCs.



  • Adventures that you do not meet overseer level requirements for will not allow you to consume them.


TLE - Kaladim

  • All Unseen Arcanum and Icy Keep items should now have Turquoise slots
  • Icy Keep Ryni Frostfoot merchant items have been updated
  • Darkest Crystal, Essence of Utter Insanity, and Fully Functional Bauble have been updated
  • Merchant Krin'Jilna now correctly offers gear molds in exchange for Earthen Shards



  • Corrected a bug that caused the following encounters to have less hit points then intended: Arkatanthis the Destroyer, Mosaasus, Saalax, Waansu, Xaalax, Yaalax, and Zaalax
  • Savage Weald
    • Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause players who have defeated the Grimling Hero to not get achievement credit for the kill due to range.
  • Savage Weald: Backwoods Brawl [Challenge]
    • Zone bosses now include more brawl for all.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause increments on bosses to be out of sync with the actual number of adds up.
  • Savage Weald: Shadow's Hold [Raid]
    • The Colossus of Crystallized Shadow should no longer use the "Barrage: Overburn" ability.
  • Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
    • Each named encounter within the zone has had the minimum requirements for the Phanatic effect weapons added to their applied "Time is of the Essence" buff.
  • Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [All Versions]
    • Using the "Shadow Portals" within the zone now brings the entire group along for the ride.
    • Shade of Ssraeshza's frontal, Swathe of Darkness, no longer inflicts an exorbitant amount of damage with each tick, and he will no longer choose his current target as a possible target for Cold Cutter.
  • Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [Heroic II]
    • Vasszhin Zeom's darkmelders have less health.
  • Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid]
    • Updated the description text for the "Living Embodiment of Shadow" to inform those who loot it that it will become heirloom once looted from the chest.