• Kaladim – Underfoot Depths, Icy Keep: Retribution, Zraxth's Unseen Arcanum are now available for play! Many items in this content have been reviewed and changed where appropriate.  


  • Updated Underfoot Depths raid bosses to be in line with current timelocked progression.



  • Corrected a bug with Confront Fear that caused it to be group restricted.



  • Dedalyk’s Lair
    • Dedalyk’s Bounty is no longer a requirement for zoning into the lair. A lock out timer is set once the bounty is placed into the spawning device. Please do not attempt to summon this bounty until all members of your party are present.


  • Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [All Versions]
    • Updated population in areas where they could potentially attack you after using a Shadow Portal. (This only affects forward progression through the dungeon.)


  • Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [Heroic II]
    • Vasszhin Zeom allows a bit of extra time after the 4th Blood of Luclin appears before attempting to destroy his enemies, but his darkmelders spawn in pairs.
    • Loot has been adjusted for Shade of Ssraeshza


  • The movable blocks involved in the encounter with The Umbral Warden can only be picked up by a single group member and will properly reset if someone dies while holding them or when the encounter resets.



  • Loot has been adjusted for Hunaga in Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]




  • Updated itemization for Sentinel’s of Fate mid-content.


  • Corrected an issue where some consumable season 2 overseer adventures would not be purchasable with a "the price is unknown" error.