Neriak City Festival

To the citizens of Neriak, and all of the denizens of the Shattered Lands: 

Let it be known that the fearsome Queen Cristianos has graciously allowed the Far Seas Trading Company to once again enter her realm for the Neriak City Festival. Adventurers interested in purchasing some exotic wares will find the tents located just outside the gates of the city in Darklight Wood. Although the Queen frowns on anyone having too much “fun,” she has permitted the Trading Company to set up the following activities:    


The members of the Far Seas Trading Company need some work done while they’re in town. Anyone willing to craft recipes, deliver goods, or gather materials will receive City Tokens, which can be used to purchase goods at the festival. Members of the House of the Dead, take note: the Far Seas merchants require all participants to do the tasks themselves. Any attempts to send your undead army to do the work for you will unfortunately not be accepted.

Neriak House Items

Far Seas merchant Chris Weathers has acquired a supply of elegant blue marble furniture and building materials especially for the Neriak festival. These Teir’Dal-themed items are available only twice a year, so spend your City Tokens while you can. (And really, why would you spend them on anything else?)  


Use your Ultravision to spot the festival-only collectibles hidden around the grounds. Find them all and earn an elegant Neriak-themed mailbox for your home. 

Aether Races

The Gnomes are in need of more adventurers foolish- ahem, brave - enough to try their flying machines. Complete the festival-exclusive Darklight Wood Aether Race course to earn City Tokens and a chance at the Fearless Flyer title.  

Friends of the Teir’Dal will have no trouble getting to the festival, but visiting heroes who value silly things like “kindness” and “honor” would be wise to avoid the local guards. Don’t delay: the Queen’s patience won’t last forever, so visit the festival today! 

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