Have you traversed across Cobalt Scar and dared to enter Siren's Grotto? Were you wowed by the alluring seductive sirens? Well, now's your chance to add these stunning creatures to your home in Norrath - without all that vengeance they bring when you're in their grotto! Available now in the House Plushies category on the Marketplace, you can purchase the Siren Beguiler Plushie, Siren Temptress Plushie, and the Siren Enchantress Plushie. There is also a Siren Plushie bundle featuring two each of the three sirens (six sirens total).


Siren Plushies


If you're a seasoned player of the Goblin Games, you may be familiar with the Item Unattuner. Now, in addition to this being available through the Goblin Games as a prize, you can purchase Item Unattuners a la carte in the Marketplace! Additionally, you can purchase an Item Unattuner Bundle which includes seven item unattuners at a discounted rate.

While you in the Marketplace, make sure you check out the Sale category for additional deals!