Don’t miss out on any of the exciting Marketplace updates for November! This update has MANY new items from our talented Player Studio artists, including creative new housing items.

 Knightly Steps


Marketplace Update 2015


Not sure what to look for? Here’s a full list of new items from this Marketplace Update:

  • Greater Coin of Tithing
  • Sturdy Stone Bridge
  • Sturdy Stone Bridge End Cap
  • Travel Wagon
  • Castle Interior Wooden Corner Wall
  • Castle Interior Wooden Wall
  • Castle Interior Wooden Open Archway
  • Elven Bath House Bundle
  • Elven Bath House Bench
  • Elven Bath House Fountain
  • Elven Bath House Hallway
  • Elven Bath House Highwall
  • Elven Bath House Main Bath
  • Elven Bath House Pillar
  • Elven Bath House Roof
  • Elven Bath House Round Bath
  • Elven Bath House Round Roof
  • Elven Bath House Round Wall
  • Elven Bath House Slate Floor
  • Elven Bath House Wall
  • Elven Bath House Wall with Doorway
  • Knightly Steps
  • Holy Illumination of Qeynos
  • Ritual Wand of the Academy
  • Golden Feather Axe
  • Darkelva
  • Cloak of the Reaper
  • Royal Scarab


Even if there’s nothing that catches your interest this month, check back later because there are always new items being added to the EQ2 Marketplace.

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