Player Studio gives artists in the community a chance to leave a permanent mark on the worlds that they adventure in. In addition, when these items are sold in the Marketplace, SOE shares the profits from the sales of these items with the artist that submitted them.

There are three new items available this week in the EverQuest II Marketplace from Player Studio artist CoffeeOutlaw. Not only has he submitted great designs for in-game items, he has created discussion threads on the Player Studio forums detailing the design development for these items so other artists can see these items change from their original concept, into what was actually submitted via Player Studio for use in EverQuest II.

CoffeeOutlaw has been involved creating art for games for over ten years. Outside of creating art, CoffeeOutlaw has been a member of a punk band, has wrestled professionally, and considers himself a bit of a movie buff.

Of course, some of you are asking “what new items do we get in the Marketplace this week?” Here they are: 

The Leatherback – by CoffeeOutlaw

The Leatherback

Want to see The Leatherback design process? Check it out here.

The Leatherguard Shield – by CoffeeOutlaw

The Leatherguard Shield

Want to see The Leatherguard Shield design process? Check it out here.

Elven Battle Axe – by CoffeeOutlaw

Elven Battle Axe

Want to see the Elven Battle Axe design process? Check it out here.

Do you want to use your artistic talents to impact the ever-changing world of Norrath? Player Studio provides artists exactly that opportunity! Available in EverQuest II, as well as EverQuest and Free Realms, Player Studio gives you the chance to share your creative vision and leave a permanent mark on the game worlds you love to inhabit.