Are You A Loremaster?

As a part of our fifth anniversary year, we’ve added a new feature to Legends of Norrath: Loremaster!

Loremaster is a new leveling system within Legends of Norrath. As a Loremaster, you’ll achieve status and bragging rights, as well as the opportunity to score really cool bonus loot!

Bonus Loot

So as I level up as a Loremaster, what can I get and how?

Here’s how the system will work. Every time you pull a loot card in a Legends of Norrath booster pack (either packs your purchase or free, promotional packs you receive such as your Gold Member bonus) you receive a chance of getting an additional loot card from a special selection of previously released loot cards from booster packs and promos. If you want to see the list of Loremaster bonus loot cards, you can find them in the Collection Manager rarity menu.

loremaster collection manager



Here’s how it works.

There’s a new button on the side bar of the LON home screen called Profile. This is a rework of some of the player settings from other menus. Now, these options are found in a single button.

profile screen legends of norrath

When you click this, you’ll see your profile as well as the section for Loremaster!

profile section loremaster

Let’s break down the Loremaster section of the player Profile.

loremaster experience bar

This is your LON name, your Loremaster Level (4), your chance of getting Bonus loot (2.0%), your % chance when you hit your next level (2.5%), your level bar, current XP for this level (76 XP), total XP for this level (111 XP) and how much XP you have remaining until the next level (35 XP).

Then we come to the two tabs: Journal and History.


This is the list of achievements that you can complete in Legends of Norrath.

loremaster journal

Each Journal entry gives you valuable information about what activities you can perform. Let’s look at the first entry.

  • Icon – The icon will give you some clue as to what type of achievement it is.
  • Counter – This achievement may be completed once on this account so it is 1/1. Others have higher limits like 1/10 and some are unlimited.
  • Name – This is the name of the achievement with a sub-line describing what you need to perform.
  • XP – This is the XP that is granted each time that you complete this achievement.
  • Date – This is the date you last score this achievement.

The achievements above have all been started or finished so they show up in bright colors. Achievements that have yet to be completed will look this way.

loremaster acheivements

Sometimes we will offer bonus XP on select items. To make it easy to identify which items have bonus XP, we will highlight those in blue and indicate that there is a bonus.

double xp loremaster


The History tab shows you what you’ve done, how many points you received, and when you did it.

loremaster history


This list is sortable by XP, Title and date completed so you can keep track of your Loremaster achievements.

Back grants

Something else to note is that for players of Legends of Norrath that have made progress in the single player expansion scenarios, you will be automatically back granted the completion achievements for that play. This means many of you will log into Legends of Norrath and automatically be anywhere from Level 1 to Level 9! Congrats on being ahead of the curve! These are the only activities that will be back granted. The rest you will need to complete.


We hope you enjoy this new element in Legends of Norrath. We plan on adding additional achievements within the next couple of months. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let us know in the Legends of Norrath forums!