A struggle exists between the gods. Lanys T'Vyl, upon being resurrected, has summoned forth the once forgotten demigods Terris-Thule and Saryrn using the remnants of power from their planes, forming a new realm dubbed Vaedenmoor. Along with these powerful beings, some of their followers have reemerged to protect them. The fearsome Hobgoblins, Shades, as well as the Kaniz werewolves will defend their newly formed plane to the death… preferably yours!


There are six raid zones to discover, from the magical Arcanna’se Spire, to the former cities of Kaesora and Torsis; from new and difficult foes in the decaying Crypts of Dalnir in the depths of Obulus Frontier, to the newly formed plane Vaedenmoor where you will face planar beings of unimaginable power. If you are powerful enough to master this new plane, you will be allowed to enter the Heart of Nightmares where the Avatars of Torment and Nightmares await. This realm is a maze of puzzles and powerful beings with new and exciting treasures waiting to be discovered.

Kunark Ascending Raiding

By popular demand, we have comprised a progression list for those interested:


  • Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos (5 Bosses, 3 day minimum lockout)
  • Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold (5 Bosses, 3 day minimum lockout)
  • Lost City of Torsis: Ashiirian Court (5 Bosses, 3 day minimum lockout)
  • Ruins of Kaesora: Ancient Xalgozian Temple (5 Bosses, 3 day minimum lockout)



  • Vaedenmoor, Realm of Despair (5 Bosses, 3 day minimum lockout)


Very Difficult:

  • Vaedenmoor, Heart of Nightmares (4 Bosses, 7 day minimum lockout, w/ bonus loot!)


There are also a few hidden surprises lurking about, for those interested in a true challenge of their new ascension abilities!

Kunark Ascending is scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 15! If you haven't already purchased our 13th expansion, you can pre-order here.