Pirates are SO in right now! Here’s the Rum Cellar-themed items that have sailed into the harbor with the recent update.

Rum Runners Cove Prestige House

The atmosphere of the Rum Runners Cove Prestige House is perfect location for a relaxing topical getaway or a rowdy hangout for your favorite privateers.

If you’re looking to pick up all of the themed furniture to go with this home, pay attention to special Rum Cellar Cove bundles in the Marketplace.

Onyx Raider Mount

Set sail on this flying pirate zeppelin! The Onyx Raider is a variant version of an elusive Rum Cellar Campaign mount you may have already seen soaring across the skies of Norrath. Get yours today!

Don’t forget to check back with us later because we’re always adding new and unique items to the EQ2 Marketplace. To buy any of these items using your Daybreak Cash, just click the DBC button in game or type /marketplace in your chat window.

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