Hail Norrathians!

We're rapidly approaching our patch on the 23rd of June so we wanted to discuss some of the upcoming changes and events beginning with the patch. We've got lots to talk about so let's dive right in!

Familiar Season 7 Begins and Familiar Revamps 

As part of the launch of the seventh Familiar season the underlying systems used by familiars have gone through a complete overhaul to reduce the amount of data stored on each character and the moving parts that the system uses.  While the majority of this change should not be noticeable in play, there are a few interface updates that are a notable exception.

The familiar level and experience is now listed directly on the familiar item and can be seen on mouse-over or examine.



Event and promo Familiars now clearly state that they cannot be consumed for familiar experience as part of their description.



in addition to the above changes, familiars no longer cancel themselves when leveling, and instead recast themselves automatically to force their stat buffs to update when they level.

Looking forward to season 7? Take a peek at the familiars below



Expert Dungeons

The enemies that fill the dungeons of Luclin grow in strength! All Blood of Luclin heroic dungeons now have an Expert difficulty level available! When selecting difficulty for your heroic dungeons you may now select the Expert difficulty for increased difficulty and rewards!  The first Expert dungeon entered each day will grant a Grace of Norrath buff, allowing less experienced and geared players the ability to ease themselves into the higher difficulty tiers of heroic dungeons.


and don't forget completing daily and weekly heroic missions completely within Expert dungeons will grant increased rewards.


Blood of Luclin Summer Ethereals

There are some changes coming to Summer Ethereals as well! Completing any weekly mission will grant ethereal rewards, based on the difficulty of the mission.  Heroic level missions will grant the lowest amount of reward, then challenge level rewards and finally expert dungeons. Weekly missions must be completed fully in the highest level of mission to receive that reward. For example, if you complete a weekly mission in a normal heroic, you will get the least amount of ethereal currency, in a challenge heroic you will get a medium amount of ethereal currency, and in an expert dungeon you will receive the highest number of ethereal currency.


Rise of Kunark opens on Kaladim

While itemization is still ongoing, we know that lots of players are excited to start RoK! Thanks to everyone that assisted the dev team with the beta!


Pride Bunnies hop on by with some new friends

and last but not least, Pride bunnies have returned to Norrath and have been joined by 3 new friends! Don't miss out on picking up the fine furry leporidae, You'll be able to claim them from the marketplace for free from June 24th through July 31st.