Jesters, revelers, and merry-makers rejoice! It's time for Bristlebane Day! Today in the Marketplace, enjoy a number of items perfect for this hilarious holiday.

Green Frog Flail (pictured) or Brown Frog Flail (Appearance Weapon)

Bristlebane's Moonlight Courier Crate

Bristlebane's Festive Courier Crate

Also, a rare Norrathian creature has decided that this is the prime time to make a print on the land -- it's the Meatbeast! If you're not familiar with the Bovoch, a favorite pet of Bristlebane, visit EQ2i, our official wiki for more! Feel like riding a meatbeat? Pick up the Prankster's Bovoch or the Prankster's Bovoch Matriarch! Want to fill your home with baby bovochs? The Beefster Baskets offer one-in-five random baby bovoch housepets paired with a Bristlebane Mask. The masks are also available a la carte. If caring for livestock just isn't your idea of adventuring fun, you can still show off your love of these majestic creatures with the Bovoch Beauty painting!

Bovoch Beauty (Painting)

Prankster's Bovoch and Prankster's Bovoch Matriarch (Mounts) with Baby Bovochs (Beefster Baskets)

Bristlebane Masks

And on sale for ONE DAY ONLY (Monday, April 1, 2013), you have the rare opportunity to stake your claim to the Beloved Berry-Fed Bovoch!

Beloved Berry-Fed Bovoch

Happy Bristlebane Day!