Update Notes for March 6, 2012



  • Fixed a bug where if an item icon was on top of a warder spell icon that right clicking the item would result in getting the warder flayout instead of the radial menu for the item.

  • Fix for Mozilla in-game browser crash when Flash is installed for non IE browsers and a flash site is viewed.



  • Decoration recipes now require Toxnettle Roots instead of Colossal Reactants.



Beastlord Epic

  • The Path to Understanding... You should no longer be gated should you log out or go link dead during the stage where you must find Morak in Warble’s past.


  • Picklord Ryjeka, Commander Ursus, Iron Lord Kraxxaxis, Abyss, King Caertex, and General Byzar Bloodforge in Kaladim will no longer drop level 60 items.

  • In the Trials of Sagacious Ting and the Trials of Bo Fen, the terracotta warriors will drop terracotta shards.

  • The knives that must be collected for the Silver Wares quest in Mistmoore Catacombs are now always up, but can only be seen while on the quest.

  • Stissa, Emissary of the Speaker in Sinking Sands will now respond to questions appropriately.

  • It should be easier to find the exits from the Realm of the Air Turtle.


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