In addition to cloaks and house items, artists are now able to submit weapons, shields, and hairstyles for consideration in Player Studio!

Sample Shield Design File:

For weapons, artists are currently able to design one-handed hammers, maces, daggers, swords, axes, and wands, as well as two-handed large swords, axes, hammers, maces, monk staffs, and halberds.

Sample Weapon Design File:

New hairstyles are being accepted for regular human and elf models. In the Download Sample file, you will find mannequin heads to use to craft your styles; please do not submit the mannequin head with your final product! Also, you do not have to submit hairstyles for every race. If you only want to design Wood Elf Females, for example, you can!

Sample Hairstyle Design File:

For more information and sample files, visit the Getting Started page!