Hey Folks,

My name is Piestro, and I'm a Halfling.

/em waits for the "Hi Piestro."

Some of you may have seen me in an occasional post, Facebook update, or tweet in my role as a member of the SOE Community Team. Previously I was assigned to EverQuest, but it's my pleasure to announce that I am now taking on the role of EverQuest II Community Relations Manager!

So who am I? Well, I'm a long time fan of SOE Games, and an experienced Community Relations professional. For a little more than a year I've been working on EverQuest. This was easy for me, as EverQuest was always my favorite MMO and getting to work on it as a professional was a dream come true in many senses.

While I dearly love EQ, its Dev Team, and community, when I was told I would be switching to EQII I was very excited. In my role on the Community Team I have been attending EQII meetings for some time and every time I learned more about the game, I'd get a little more curious and interested. I'm really looking forward to the next GU. You'll all be hearing more about it soon enough!

Working with the EQII Team is a fantastic opportunity and I'm very much looking forward to getting to know all of you; I strongly believe that the true heart of any MMORPG is the community of players who inhabit it. The EverQuest II player community is passionate and creative, and cares about their game; what better group of people to work with could there be?

I'm also having a lot of fun playing EQII! I'm one of those people who was too invested in EQ at the time EQII launched to make the switch - yeah, one of those people. I logged into EQII for the first time back in December, and was amazed at the depth and polish of the game. I started playing a Defiler and loved the Neriak starting experience, with all the story and lore packed in there. Since then I've started a Shadow Knight and am busy leveling him, but you might see me roaming about Norrath leveling my Halfling soon; the question is, should he be a Warden or Fury? I'd love to hear your opinions before I create him.

You'll hear more from me soon on the forums, and say hi if you see me in-game!