In addition to the items made by Norrath's amazing and friendly crafters (available through trades and the in-game broker), you can purchase an assortment of services, items and features with Station Cash from the EQII in-game Marketplace, to enhance your gameplay experience. Appearance armor, mounts, prestige homes, and server transfer tokens are just some of the items available. New items are added to the Marketplace weekly!

Since the Nights of the Dead are upon us, the offerings in the Marketplace have taken on a creepy cool vibe as all of Norrath is in preparation for the holiday festivities!

Scary Spider

While most people would shudder at the sight of a spider following them around their house, this "scary spider" is a perfect pet for the Nights of the Dead!

Moltenspirit Unicorn

The fiery thunder of the Moltenspirit Unicorn's footsteps thunder across Norrath as the third of the new unicorn mounts appears in Norrath! The Moltenspirit Unicorn joins the Voidspirit and Frostspirit Unicorns, also available in the Marketplace. Next week the herd will be complete!

Trader's Blessing

Arcane Winds

While you won't be able to set sail across the seas of Norrath, you can express your nautical desires by including one of these two ships in your house or yard! Of course, these boats prefer to be in the water, but you can place them anywhere!

Also, remember to check out the "Sale" category in the Marketplace! Many spooky and fun items are available now at a discounted price!