With Player Studio™, EverQuest II players have the opportunity to design in-game items that will be sold in the SOE Marketplace. Revenue from the sale of these items will be shared with the creator of the item!

This is your first chance to create your own virtual items in EverQuest II. The getting started process is simple: download the sample packages, open the sample images, and unleash your inner artist!

When you've got your item the way you like it, go to the Submissions page on http://www.soe.com/player-studio and read the instructions for uploading it to our system. Fill out the Submissions Form and include it in your .ZIP file with your screenshot, texture file, and other required submission items.  

Once it gets uploaded to our system, it will be routed to the EverQuest II development team's artists and designers who can't wait to see what you've made! In fact, all of SOE is excited and curious to see your artistry in action!

Once the review process is complete, you will be contacted by someone from SOE regarding your submission. Please be aware that this process may take some time, as we review each submission.