Don't miss this opportunity to get a great deal on an EPIC weekend!  Pre-register for SOE before Sunday, September 30th and pay $139.00!  If you wait to register on site you will pay $159.00!

Join us for a weekend filled with tournaments, panels, Live Quests, and more.  Need more of a reason to come?

Here are the items you get if you come!


In EverQuest, take home the Bloodstained Contract!  This item, once consumed, allows you to purchase a Vampire Mercenary from the special mercenaries vendor, Hadya Ware, in the Plane of Knowledge.

If you play EverQuest II, your in-game item is Dashenti Lasheris!  Once consumed, you can purchase Dashenti Lasheris. She is a Fighter Type Mercenary.

Heroes or Villains in DC Universe Online can really get into the Vegas spirited with the in-game style item, "The Impersonator." This fashionable Rhinestone Jumpsuit will make you the glitziest star on the Vegas Strip.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes fans, we've picked two in-game items for you! First the Gilded Cage which summons Gildedstone, a small flying gargoyle.  You also receive a title!  Proudly wear "The Jovial" above your head! Title applied by right-clicking and consuming the Mysterious Scroll from your inventory.

Our PoxNora players can just stop by the game's demo station get their in-game items, which is of course free runes. Chat with Luke and Derek for runes from the latest expansion, Broken Shard!

If you play Legends of Norrath, your in-game item is the Fancy Dress Only in-house painting.  This item is delivered via a loot card.  It doesn't matter if you play EverQuest or EverQuest 2, this item is for you!

Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™ players have Ghanesh the pet to look forward to as their in-game item. Don't let the color of its fur fool you. Despite being blue, Ghanesh has a surprisingly fiery personality!

EXCLUSIVE for this article!!!  Free Realms players your in-game item is the SOE Live 2012 Kangaroo!  We've never shown this very Special Kangaroo Ride!  Check him out!

We've also updated the panel schedule today to add Player Panels! We hope to see you at SOE Live!