We want to know why you are excited about SOE Live! Create a video in one minute or less, telling us what you're looking forward to at SOE Live. Not attending? Let us know what news, games, and events you'd like to know about! Your video can be featured at SOE Live!

Not sure what kind of video we're looking for? You can watch this silly video we posted, talking about the promotion and what we are most looking forward to at SOE Live.

Grab any sort of video recorder, whether a camera or your phone, or even sit down at your webcam.

Visit the submission form here which gives an overview and has the submission form.

If you haven't visited the SOE Live site in a while, you should drop on by. We've updated the site with numerous activities, panels, and information. Plus watch yesterday's live webcast, which is all about the SOE Live event. You can watch it on the SOE Twitch.TV channel!