After a long day of adventuring, Norrathians need a place to hang their hats, apprentices need creative workshops to tinker in, and guild mates need a warm fire to gather around after a raid. Thanks to the many crafting and decorating options available in EverQuest II, there are amazing player-created homes, guild halls, and dungeons in-game!

This week, we are sharing the creativity and innovation of Windseye from the Freeport server. The house is called "Gate to Valhalla."

Here is Windseye's description: Norrathian Tinkerers open a mysterious gate and meet an old friend. Find your way up a path of light to your own potential.

Windseye enters project "Oberis," an advanced magnetically sealed environment.

Reactor Control room. This system is in flux and must be monitored at all times.

Power Transfer. An energetic conduit and series of of cogs that transfer power to the main reactor.

Robotic Maintenance. All our robots need to be maintained periodically. This facility is designed to work on many models. The robots can be fitted with new tool arms as needed.

This is the "Oberis" main reactor. As seen here a mechanic is making a critical adjustment.

This is Gate Control. From here all inputs to the coordinate computer are monitored.

A utopian dimension just discovered.

From the exploration of the "Utopian dimension," tinkerers discovered a great hall.

An ethereal fragment of Antonia Bayle transports our expedition to "Valhalla". Scientists discover an extraordinary event concerning the "Path of Light to Potential."

Potential! Eureka! It is our own avatar from the heavens.

Thank you, Windseye, for your submission!