Battlegrounds Bonus Token Weekend launches today at noon! Join us as we celebrate the re-launch of the Battlegrounds and get 25% more tokens as rewards today through Sunday, 11:59pm PDT. Be part of the action this weekend in the level agnostic Battlegrounds (levels 30 to 89 play together) and 90-92 Battlegrounds. 

Why earn tokens?

There is a full set of gear for every level range, including 3 tiers of gear from level 90 to 92! See the image below for some examples of the amazing armor, weapons, and accessories available. While making friends and foes take a dirt nap is a reward in and of itself, the rewards are well worth it for both PvE and PvP! Item merchants can be found in Champion's Respite. (See below for details on how to get there!)

Earning Tokens

You can earn tokens by taking part in PvP! Get even more by achieving trophies like kill streaks, ending soneone else's kill streak, and landing a death blow.

PvP Tips from Xelgad and Omougi

There's no one right way to do things.  Different strategies work in different situations, and every player has their own play style.Experiment and see what works best for you.


  • Activate abilities with a keyboard instead of a mouse. Turn with mouse, move with WASD, target with mouse.
  • Create macros to communicate while casting spells. For example, if you're about to cast Tortoise Shell, you want your group to know to stay close to you.
  • Don't dash off alone.  If you spawn by yourself and all your teammates are dead, wait for them to spawn.
  • Protect your healers!  Tanks should keep enemies off of healers, but DPS can burn them down.
  • Save heavy-hitting damage spells for priority targets, such as enemy healers and mages. You can also use them to finish off targets with low health.
  • Use knockbacks!  You can kick people off of ledges!
  • Let your tank lead the charge.
  • Don't save your abilities with the long recasts (often referred to as Cooldowns), like Tsunami, emergency heals, damage increasers, etc.  They'll reset soon enough.
  • Create a macro to /cancel_spellcast, followed by a cure or emergency ability, so you can react quickly to a situation.
  • Work together with your allies to bring down enemies.  Five players defeat an enemy a lot faster than one.
  • Use consumables for seeing stealth, heals, CC immunity, etc
  • Use appearance gear to hide your character's class, level, and weapons!
  • Battlefield of Ganak: If you're not able to take a lot of damage, it's best to leave the flag for someone who can.
  • Gears of Klak'Anon: Anyone can get the gear! And remember, if you kill someone while holding the gear, your team gets bonus points.  It can be a good idea to let an awesome DPS get it.
  • Smuggler's Den:  If the enemy has the middle, do not charge in by yourself.  Hold the base of the tower until you have enough, then coordinate a push up the tower with your team and take it over – it's worth a lot of points!


  • Fighters: When you use your encounter taunt, pop defensive cooldowns either immediately before or immediately after.  Taunting will make you take a lot of damage that you can prevent.
  • Scouts: Hunt mages! Take out squishy targets before they take out your team. Use stealth to give yourself an edge.
  • Healers: Stay close to your tank. Use your AOE detaunt intelligently when you're getting focused by a lot of people. Stay on top of your cures.
  • Mages and Healers: Break line-of-sight with your enemies so they can't hit you.
  • Non-scouts: Use stealth detection!

Enter Battlegrounds through Champion's Respite, found in:

  • Freeport: Citizen's Vista (loc -50, -20, -263)
  • Qeynos Province District: Near The Clock of Ak'Anon (loc 751, -21, -67)
  • Gorowyn: Faydedar Watch (loc 2404, 19, 1391)
  • Kelethin: Old Kelethin (loc 311, 109, 143)
  • Neriak: Indigo Hollow (loc 44, 17, 13)
  • Frostfang Sea: Errolis Dock (loc -351, 30, 227)

Hope to see you in the Battlegrounds! Stay tuned for an overland PvP bonus token weekend next week!

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