Content from the forthcoming Game Update 64: Qeynos Risen is starting to filter out to the Test and Test Copy Servers. Be among the first to explore this new content for the greater good!

The new Qeynos is rife with intrigue and conflict. Queen Antonia Bayle and the Circle of Ten have evolved new strategies to oversee the welfare of the goodly folk of Norrath, but as with any change, there are challenges to overcome. Power can tip the scales as easily in this shining bastion of hope as it can anywhere in Norrath.

New racial quests, available at all levels, offer history and an introduction to your origins as well as a sense of your place within your community, setting the stage for the new Qeynosian power-struggles. New class and storyline quests starting at level 20 place you right in the middle of the city's strife, together with your brethren and all the way to the high court.

Storyline Quests

After reaching levels 20, 40, 60, and 80, players should seek out Murrar Shar in the Qeynos Capitol District, who will direct them to those needing assistance within the city.

Class Quests

Once you reach level 20, find Standar Yorden at the Claymore Plaza in the Qeynos Capitol District. He will get you started on your class specific quests.

Racial Quests

  • Qeynos Capitol District:
    • Erudite mentor Maareona Ludimintium
    • Freeblood mentor Talas Farin
    • Gnome mentor Trina Tinkerton
    • Human mentor Patricia Benson
    • Kerra mentor Lakosha Maera
    • Ratonga mentor Tilla
  • Qeynos Province District:
    • Barbarian mentor Gild Stonebreaker
    • Dwarf mentor Mav Boilfist
    • Fae mentor Guard Laelyth
    • Froglok mentor Rupert Valorbound
    • Halfling mentor Bungle Proudfoot
    • High Elf mentor Eireneith Alannia
    • Wood Elf mentor Trelly Greenthorn

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