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Fixed a placement issue with certain moveable objects (for instance, the portals will now place properly during the Zynos fight in Anchor of Bazzul).


Characters who have completed "Your Eternal Reward" should now receive the "Agent of Freeport" achievement.


Shaman mercenaries should no longer continue to think they are in combat when it comes to casting wards on their group. They will still cast their out of combat preward spells.


Sundered Frontier
Fixed name on lingering slitherspines.

Tower of Tactics [Challenge]
Ambassador Grindstone will no longer reapply his Unbridled Fury of the Elements buff as soon as he has dispelled player debuffs, he waits a few seconds.
Ambassador Grindstone no longer casts Crystalline Torrent Spell.
Vallonite Sentinels no longer memwipe when they cast Sentinel's Touch.
Vallonite Sentinels no longer taunt lock players during the fight.

Tallon's Stronghold [Challenge]
During the Tallon Zek fight Deathbringer's Touch is now cureable as a curse.
Tallon Zek will warn players as he teleports and will not fire his arrow volley until 10 seconds after he changes his location.
Fighters will not take as harsh a punishment if they turn their back on Tallon Zek as he is firing arrows.


Tradeskill Apprentice daily reward potions are now treasured and stack to 200.
The Potion of Hastened Learning will now give +25% experience gain.


The Dragonflame Scale Shield is now Beastlord usable.
Corpse items can no longer be added to the broker.


The quests "A Rat's a Rat's a Rat," "A Cleansing This Temple Needs...," and "Entering the Veil" should again update properly.

The City of Freeport
The quest "Grobb, Not Forgotten" should now reward the proper reward. Players who have already completed the quest may seek out Viducius in East Freeport to pick up their reward.

Frizella Emberblossom is now more willing to give the Thudomatonian Monotony quest if you forgot to pick it up before.