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Nights of the Dead Community Parties


Nights of the Dead Community Parties

We are inviting the most fearful, dreadful and simply awful creatures to the frighteningly decorated Community Lounge to celebrate the Nights of the Dead holiday with us. Show off with your costume creations, partake in a variety of unique drinks, and meet new players!

The scheduled party slots are listed below:

  • Thursday, October 27 12:00 PM PST Valor
  • Thursday, October 27 12:00 PM PST Storms
  • Friday, October 28 8:00 AM PST Sebilis
  • Friday, October 28 12:00 PM PST Splitpaw
  • Friday, October 28 3:30 PM PST Everfrost
  • Friday, October 28 4:00 PM PST Antonia Bayle
  • Friday, October 28 4:30 PM PST Crushbone
  • Friday, October 28 5:00 PM PST Freeport

When it's time for the party to start, we'll drop a portal near the carpet at the docks in Sinking Sands. Just look for the glowing spot, click, and you'll be ported right to the Community Lounge.

Can't make the party time slots? Or do you want some of the party goodies on your own server? Don't fret! We'll also be opening up portals for the Community Lounge on all servers. On Storms, Valor and Sebilis, you'll find a portal on the day of your party. For the US, UK and Extended servers, we'll open portals shortly after 10:00 AM PDT, but it could take up to two hours for us to open up all of the portals. You'll be able to have your own parties or just pick up the party favors from the vendors! Keep in mind that the portals will only remain open for eight hours.

See you at the parties!

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