Brown Treeglider

Never has such a fierce creature been tamed enough to provide transportation around Norrath! Brown Treeglider will increase your ground speed by 60% and air speed by 200%. Riders will also enjoy an increase of 5 to Slashing, Ranged, Aggression, Ministration, Disruption, Focus, Piercing, Crushing, Subjugation and Ordination. Adventurers and tradeskillers level 60 and over can enjoy this gliding mount, priced at 1950 Station Cash on the Marketplace.

Piles of Gold & Treasure

Ever fancied a swim through a giant pile of gold? Haven't we all?? Now you can! Choose the Pile of Gold or the Pile of Treasure, or mix and match! For just 250 SC each, create your own treasure trove and show off your lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Cinder Bow and Shield

Fire assumes a solid form in this formiddable bow and shield. The two-handed ranged bow and secondary slot shield are Treasured, Heirloom, No-Value and Appearance only. This equipment is appearance only and not suitable for use in combat. The set is available for 350 Station Cash.

Brown Treeglider Cloak

Pay homage to the great Brown Treeglider with this new Brown Treeglider Cloak. The cloak is Treasured, Attuned, Heirloom, No-Value, and comes with Featherfall, to reduce the maximum falling speed of the caster. Get yours today for 400 SC!

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