[Piestro] With the new Legends of Norrath set, Priestess of the Anarachs, scheduled for release Thursday, August 25, 2011 (mark the date on your calendars!) we knew folks were going to be awfully curious about its contents. In his Producer’s Letter last week, Mark Tuttle previewed the Drachnid Bloodknight and Prestidigitation cards from the upcoming set, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only do we have two more of the cards to show off, but we also have a preview of the in-game EverQuest and EverQuest II loot available with this set!

Priestess of the Anarchs Cards

First up is the Mage ability, Gout of Flame. Gout of Flame provides a good deal of tactical flexibility to any Mage deck, with decent armor and experience values and a direct damage component that can be applied to opposing units or avatars. No matter what the target, Gout of Flame has a little something for them!

The Stoic Templar is a mid-cost Priest Unit that gets dramatically more powerful the more abilities you have. With both good offensive and defensive utility, you’ll never be sad to see a Stoic Templar available in your hand.

Of course what would a Legends of Norrath set be without loot? Not nearly as fun! Fortunately there is a wide diversity of loot available in Priestess of the Anarchs and we’re here to show you some of the most exciting bits.

EverQuest Loot

Check out the Bellikos Illusion. Isn’t she creepy? You’ll certainly be able to shock your group when you pop out looking like this. Don’t forget to notice the weapons she’s holding; those are Fallen Dragon Ornamentations available in Priestess of the Anarchs as well.

Every adventurer needs their trusty steed, and Priestess of the Anarchs doesn’t disappoint in the Mount category. Two mounts are available: the Nature Touched Wurm (pictured left) and the Tiger Raptor (on the right). Ride in style with one of these two exclusive mounts available in Priestess of the Anarchs!

Nothing says "swank pad" quite like Dragon scale walls. Adorn your house with this most exclusive of building materials and don’t miss out on the Idol of the Fallen. There is also the painting, Unrestrained Fury, which will lend class to any abode.

Now let me turn this article over to Amnerys, so she can give a short (almost Halflingesque) overview of the EQII loot available in this set!

EverQuest II Loot

[Amnerys] Hey! I may be short, but I do not have hairy feet. Ahem. Anyway, let's take a look at just a couple of the cool new loot items coming with Priestess of the Anarchs. We've picked out three to highlight, but there are many more that could land in your hands when you purchase a Priestess of the Anarchs booster pack.

One of a handful of mounts available in Priestess of the Anarchs, the Sun-Blazoned Pegasus is the very first armored pegasus available in EQII. This flying beauty will get you from point A to point B (and everywhere in between) in majestic style. The Sun-Blazoned Pegasus, as with all flying mounts, is only usable by adventurers and crafters level 85+, and increases ground speed by 75% and air speed by 150%.

The Ebon Vanguard Steed is a regally armored mount, with unique horns on the headpiece. This dark horse provides 130% ground speed, so you can get where you're going in a hurry and turn heads all along the way.

A rent-free Prestige Home themed after the Maj’dul Court of the Blades, the Residence of the Blades is perfect for anyone looking for a summer home or year round house with that touch of desert chic! This home includes your own personal climbing wall (a first in Norrath!) and a spacious 700-item limit.

Coming August 25th!

We hope this little tease will whet your appetite for what's coming next week with Priestess of the Anarchs. There's so much more that you haven't seen yet! But we do like to let you make some of the discoveries on your own, so we're keeping them under wraps for now. If you want spoilers, you’ll be able to see the full loot details on the Legends of Norrath website on Thursday, August 25.

Be sure to stop by the forums and join the discussion about what you've seen here, and what you find with your packs after launch on Thursday! (And also, feel free to give the actual hairy-footed halfling, Piestro, a bit of a hard time. I don't know why, but I'm sure he deserves it.)