Announced at Fan Faire 2011, the SOE Authenticator offers added account security to SOE Station Accounts.

The SOE Authenticator is a supplemental authentication method for your Station Account giving you the security of Two-Factor Authentication. This additional layer of security is designed to help thwart and prevent unauthorized access to your account. The SOE Authenticator provides you with a unique, one-time authenticator code (PIN) to use in conjunction with your regular password.

How's it work? Each time you log in to any SOE game, you will enter your regular password, then press the button on the SOE Authenticator, and enter the six digit number after your password. The system requires your regular password and the authenticator code to match to access your account, so no one can get into your account without both knowing your password and having your physical SOE Authenticator in their hand.

The SOE Authenticator physical token is now on sale for all SOE players for $9.99 USD, which includes shipping and handling for domestic US orders. (Shipping and handling for purchases outside the US will incur an additional fee.) Authenticators are currently shipping around 2-3 weeks after purchase.

For those looking for an alternate way to gain account security, a mobile SOE Authenticator is in the works and will be available for FREE for iPhone and Android.

Have questions? Read more about the SOE Authenticator in our FAQs.