Turborotor 1000

Take to the skies in Gnomish style with the Turborotor 1000! This tinkeredly air contraption can be used by adventurers and tradeskillers who've reached level 85, and increases ground speed by 75% and air speed by 150%. It also increases Piercing, Aggression, Focus, Ranged, Subjugation, Disruption, Slashing, Ministrations, Ordination and Crushing by 5.0. Get yours from the Marketplace today for 1950 SC.

Refractive Index Flight Goggles

Whether you prefer the Low Refractive Index Flight Goggles (silver) or the High Refractive variation (gold), either will offer a stylish look for the C.R.A.S.H. pilot in you! Can't decide? At just 100 SC each, pick up both of these cloth armor helmets and you'll be ready for any occasion. The goggles are Attuneable, Heirloom, No-Value, and Appearance-Only.

Komodo Skin Cloaks on Sale!

Available at a special price this week only, the Komodo Skin Cloaks can add a unique twist to your appearance. Be sure to grab one (or one of each!) while they're marked down to 400 SC (regular price 600 SC).

Don't forget to check the Sale category in the Marketplace to see which items are now available at a special price for a short time! This week's items are all Tinkerfest approved!

To buy these items and more using your Station Cash, just click the SC button in game, or type /marketplace in your chat window.

Need Station Cash? Visit the Station Cash page for information and learn how you can purchase SC online or from a retailer near you.