The word is strange to rangers like me, who spend our days and nights in the wilds of Norrath, but there is a place that calls to me. It's about time for the Festival of Unity, and it's as close to a home as I'll ever have. It calls to me.

What's that? You've never been. Well sit down, buy us a round and let me tell you all about it."

Welcome one and all to the Antonia Bayle Server's 5th Annual Festival of Unity. In this, the good-aligned guilds of Norrath help to celebrate the virtues of the noble cities in a week-long festival. Founded by the Ogre Paladin of Marr, Klump, of the Legacy of Honor, it is to celebrate Truth, Goodness, Compassion, and all the other ideals that he holds dear.

Just like every year, adventurers will find the Antonican Wilds decorated for our week-long festivities. Come and enjoy party games, prizes, and favors that will be handed out and hard won throughout the week's events. Click here to see the schedule.

Thrill as brave men and women attempt the high dive. Enjoy spine tingling toast as the (RP) duel pits warrior against warrior in (not quite) Mortal K---*ahem* Combat. You could also just enjoy yourself at one of the open air taverns, which are said to be blessed by the Goodly gods of Norrath, so that your drink will never spill on your tunics (rumor is uncomfirmed so please do not sue the messenger if your tunic becomes ale-soaked).

You can find out more about the festivities by listening to the criers in the /Festival channel (where the individual channels for each event will be announced) or you can visit the website at http://alturl.com/6hi44 (You will need a Guildportal account to participate in the forums).

Also, if you see anyone wearing the following guild tags, give them a round of applause for assisting with this year's festivities.

  • Outriders of Kelethin
  • Green Council
  • Psia's Hammer
  • Vagabond Knights
  • The Tempest
  • Sojourners of Norrath
  • True North
  • Restoration
  • Shaded Lotus
  • Maiden's Fancy
  • Medieval Syndicate
  • Legion of Kithicor

After speaking his mind, the old ranger takes a look at you and offers a hand. When you take his hand he gives you a gold coin. When you ask him about it he merely smiles.

"The Festival of Unity is about doing nice things and living up to prouder goals. Take that gold coin and buy yourself a drink at the festival. Who knows, it may just bring you a bit of good luck and good cheer."

The ranger hefts his belongings over his shoulder and makes his way to Antonica.