Leapers and Gliders!

Later this month, we’ll be debuting two new types of mounts in EverQuest II.

Leaper mounts can jump up and forward in tremendous bounds before falling, moving at speeds similar to flying mounts. You can control how high you jump, and you can steer while jumping using the movement keys. Obviously, you don’t take falling damage when landing.

Gliders are similar to Leapers, but at any point in your jump, you can snap out your mount’s wings and begin gliding, using the movement keys to control direction, even being able to tip up and climb for a while before descending again. You can also fold your wings in to start plummeting downward, and snap them out again at a different altitude.
Leapers require Level 30 to ride. Gliders require level 60. (And of course, Fliers still require Level 85.)

And then, of course, Fliers become available allowing you to climb/dive at will for maximum freedom.

As with Fliers, every character can earn a Leaper or Glider by doing quests within the game. The quest for the Mountain Saliraptor leaper is located in Butcherblock, and the quest for the Wind Komodo glider is located in Tenebrous Tangle.

Quests are available for both tradeskillers and adventurers. Tradeskill mounts are colored differently, as is the case with the Gryphon fliers in Velious.

The following is a list of what mounts are available to you at each level of the game:

  • 1-29 : Walking and Ground mounts (horses, wargs, rhinos, etc.)
  • 30-59 : Now also able to use Leapers!
  • 60-84 : Now also able to use Gliders!
  • 85+ : Able to use everything, including Fliers!

Additional Leapers, Gliders, and Fliers will also be available in the marketplace. Those mounts will still be level-locked (e.g., must be level 60 to use a purchased glider), but the player does not have to complete the in-game quests to use the marketplace mounts.

Also, here’s a sneak peek at the mounts you can earn via the quests:

Mountain Saliraptor (Leaping)


Wind Komodo (Leaping)

Wind Komodo (Gliding)

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