There are always interesting events being run in Norrath! Some are run by players, some run by Volunteer Guides, and some by the Community Relations Team! Have you made plans to attend yet?

Player Events

Player events are run by guilds and individuals. Read more about the events at their links below, and join the discussion on the EQII forums.


Do you have a player- or guild-run event coming up soon? Be sure to advertise it in the Player Events forum and we might highlight your event on! If you need help planning an event, try asking for input in this thread.

Community Team Events

Community Team events are run by Amnerys, your EQII Community Manager, with help from the international Community Team (Soffrina, Shirra, Shingo and OLTT) and occasionally other members of the team. Log on to Test Copy server and catch the portal by the Sinking Sands docks to get to the Community Lounge.

Frostfell Celebration with the Community Relations Team!

Tuesday, December 21:

  • 11:00 am PDT (Test Copy Server): Community Lounge
  • 5:00 pm PDT (Test Copy Server): Community Lounge
  • 6:00 pm PDT (Freeport Server): Community Lounge