Are you willing to try your hand at some spooky decorating, just in time for Nights of the Dead? If the idea doesn't frighten you, then read on to find out how you can win a cool new in-game reward!

The Challenge:  In celebration of Nights of the Dead, the Community Team is hosting the Haunted Homes Forum Challenge.

The Haunted Homes Forum Challenge is a structured decoration challenge.  The challenge will take place on the Test Copy Server. 

The Community Team will provide the items and location to be decorated. All participants will have access to the same decoration items.  But who will use the items the best?

Each participant will be granted 300 Community Tokens, 6 backpacks, and 5 plat for purchasing the home (1 Walk of the Dead in Neriak) and any upkeep.  They will not be permitted to use any other items for their homes.

Participants will use the Community Tokens to purchase items off a vendor.

Duration:  Sign Up for this forum challenge will be open from Friday, October 14, 2010 until Friday, October 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm PDT. Participants must sign up by 5:00 pm on the 22nd in order to receive supplies.

Final submissions for this challenge will be accepted until Monday, October 25, 2010 at 6:00pm PDT.

Community Team members have to manually grant your tokens and backpacks, so we will do them in batches as we are able, and will PM you on the forums once your items have been granted. You do not need to be present to receive the items.

Participants who sign up by 11:59 pm PDT on Friday, October 15th will be given their setup supplies on Saturday to work with over the weekend.  There is no guarantee that supplies will be granted again until Monday evening.

Participants who sign up before 5pm PDT on Monday, October 18th will be given their supplies by 7pm PDT on that day.

For the remaining days, participants who sign up before 5pm PDT will be granted their supplies that day. Again, the last day to sign up is Friday, October 22 by 5pm PDT.


  • Create a NEW CHARACTER on the Test Copy server. The character should be a Neriak starting character so that he can purchase a home.
  • Respond to this thread with the following information:
    • Test Copy Server Character Name:
    • Main Play Character Name:
    • Main Play Server:
  • Check your forum PMs for notification when your supplies have been granted.
  • Once you have been granted your supplies, purchase a home at 1 Walk of the Dead in Neriak, in Death Grotto.
  • Visit the House Decoration Contest Merchant who is outside of the home to trade tokens for items.
  • You may only use the supplies available from the merchant. We can check to see which items are in your home, so no cheating!
  • Decorate your Haunted Home before the deadline.
  • Make a post letting us know when you are finished so we can start reviewing your home as soon as possible!


  1. Before submitting an entry, please review the Official Forum Challenge Rules and the additional notes below:
  1. Participation is limited by person not by character or account. So no, you cannot participate with two different accounts or characters.
  1. Participants should not use any items that were not purchased from the designated vendor.
  1. Screenshots of your homes are not required but you are welcome to post them in this thread.

Rewards: After reviewing all the submissions, winners will be selected and will receive the following reward:

Winners will receive a unique in-game house item for their main character, a gold and black marble bowl filled with coins.  The coins sparkle and glow, and there’s a never-ending shower of coins into the bowl from above.

Feedback: Feel free to offer your feedback on the submissions of others. We enjoy reading the comments on entries for these challenges just as much as the entries! Just remember to be constructive.