The cold war between Qeynos and Freeport is heating up. Citizens from both cities are actively trying to sabotage the enemy in a fight for power. Qeynosians seem to be out with the public intentions of winning the hearts and minds of the citizens of Freeport, while Freeportians are intent on wreaking havoc and gaining the Overlord more territory.

The Qeynosian Perspective


Since your ship was attacked some time ago, you have been privy to many discussions of internal matters. I have asked you to keep all information and topics of such conversations to yourself. This request has never been more important than it is now.

As you are aware, pirates have been attacking ships in our very harbor with near-impunity. The puppeteer behind many of these attacks is, of course, our wonderful colleague Drinna. I believe it is time that we begin to fight fire with fire, so to speak, and eliminate the instrument of our plight. We can no longer suffer the will of Freeport and their undermining of all that we have accomplished since the Shattering.

I am not asking you to get involved in these schemes. In fact, I am not directly involved myself. I merely wish to inform you to lay low for the time-being. I know that you grew up in Freeport , but it would be unwise to suddenly become patriotic at this juncture. After fate determines what is to come, meet me at the lighthouse and we will discuss the future.

  ~ Seven

The Freeportian Perspective

Emissary Midia,

The Overlord requires your assistance in a matter of importance. As you have likely heard, the frail citizens of Qeynos have become jealous of the Overlord's might and have begun sabotaging our glorious city. Now is the time for us to strike back.

With the influx of many new refugees to the great city of Freeport , we have more citizens to call upon for the purpose of increasing the might and renown of our Overlord. Whilst we maintain our nominal peace with the wretched city of Qeynos , it is not in our advantage to openly attack. It is best that we weaken our enemy first before going forth to purify the city of Qeynos , bringing them under the Overlord's mantle of protection.

You are charged with the honor of locating a courier to deliver an important scroll to a contact in Antonica. I will visit you after I return from the Academy of Arcane Sciences to indicate whom this scroll must be delivered to. Speak nothing of what you have just read. I trust that you will destroy the contents of this letter to ensure the safekeeping of the knowledge you now have and for the security of Freeport .

~ C.V.

What kinds of things can I do?

There are many different ways to sabotage the enemy city and gain power for your own. Some sabotage quests require you to find an object of significance and interact with it. Here are a few examples of what you might do:

  • Set fire to boxes of spell scrolls
  • Free guard puppies from their cages
  • Destroy sacks of livestock feed
  • Eliminate the enemy's food supplies
  • Set fire to merchant tents

There are also some quests that require you to steal one item in order to sabotage another. For example, you might steal some acid from an alchemist shop then pour it on a shipment of armor. You might also acquire vials of poison and introduce it to barrels of ale.

Who do I contact to sabotage my enemy?

Citizens of Freeport : Gul M'Tun in Antonica

Citizens of Qeynos: Gil McMartin in Commonlands