Arcanum Revealed is now available in EverQuest II. This latest game update will automatically install the next time you run the Launcher before logging in. Several updates were made to the game, along with changes and bug fixes. Here's a quick look at some of the highlights!

Game Update Features

  • New Rare Dungeon Drops – The only place you can get the new Arcanum armor pieces or Fetidspine Prowler mount are in the Unseen Arcanum. Collect all the pieces for a matching set!
  • Seven Year Veteran Reward - Mistmoore Crag Estate – Nestled in the mountains overlooking Loping Plains, this beautiful mansion was built for the guests of Mayong Mistmoore himself.  Now empty, it is available to those who sign a mysterious contract.
  • Mount Appearance Window - Store mount whistles in a separate inventory and equip any of your mount stats with any of your mount appearances.
  • Currency Window – Organize your inventory by placing all currency into the new interface.
  • NPC Cast Bar – See the cast progress of enemies to interrupt or avoid attacks.
  • Retain Master Spells – Keep master spells even after betraying from one class to another and back.
  • Improve Display of Mitigation Score – View differences in armor mechanics to gauge their worth and effectiveness.
  • PvP Token Consolidation – All PvP tokens are now consolidated into one type for easier reward claims.
  • BattleGrounds PvP Fixes – Instantaneous  combat mode addition and more.
  • 1-20 Zone Re-Itemization – More balanced item acquisition across 1-20 zones.
  • Click to Cure UI Element – Cure curses and damage instantly with the new UI tool.
  • Warfields now cover more level ranges.
  • New Battlegrounds weapons and accessories.
  • Additions to The Hole, Vasty Deep and Erudin
    • Instance Rare Bosses - Face a new challenge in the form of rare spawn bosses. These bosses hold new items that will help make adventurers more powerful.
    • Instance bosses for these dungeons possess new treasure for their opponents to discover.
  • New Token / Seal Gear - A new Trader of Arad has appeared named Krin’Jilna and she sells powerful armor for those strong enough to defeat the denizens of the depths. Bad’Ushra’s inventory has been expanded to include more armor slots at the cost of Manaar Marks.

The Unseen Arcanum awaits! Log in and start experiencing this new content right away. We hope you enjoy Arcanum Revealed as much as we do!