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Official SOE Podcast #90

Join us for the Official SOE Podcast #90 a.k.a, the “Almost-Fan-Faire Cast.” Co-host Christie “Kiara” Renzetti stops in to chat with your host, Aimee “Ashlanne” Rekoske.  Listen in as they chat about Block Party, Fan Faire, and Gnoob the Gnaked Gnome.  This cast also includes an interview with Dawn Wilson and Lauren Zeiger, a member of SOE’s event staff.  Dawn gives us the low down on this summer’s SOE events.  Jason “Pex” Ryan’s news gives us all of the latest updates on SOE titles! Let us know what you think at podcast@soe.sony.com or you head over to the Station Forums and share your opinion with the Community!

You can download the MP3 file directly or subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the button listed below. We have both high and low bandwidth versions available. Or if you have iTunes installed select iTunes store, type SOE into the search box and click Subscribe! 

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