Still trying to convince your friends how awesome EQII is? Need a little incentive to motivate them?

Direct 2 Drive is offering a special deal on an EQII pack that will help new and returning players get into the game quickly.

For a limited time, pick up EverQuest II Sentinel's Fate, along with three Flask of Adventuring bonus potions, the Vestiges of Glory Armor Pack, and a 30-day subscription for new accounts, all for just $14.95.


The Vestiges of Glory Armor Pack includes the Elddar Defender's
Leather Crate, the Studded Brawler Garb Armor Crate,
and the Tunarian Alliance Armor Crate

This offer expires July 26th, so don't let it pass you (and your friends) by! Also available for purchase with Pounds (UK) and Euros (EU).

See the Direct2Drive site for details and to purchase this item.