Two new items are available in the EQII Marketplace this week; the Cloak of Woven Nature, and the Smoked Leatherskin Armor Crate. Let's take a closer look at these new wearables.

Cloak of Woven Nature

One of the new items you'll find on the EQII Marketplace this week is the Cloak of Woven Nature. This green-tinted Fabled cloak is made of Attuneable, Lore-Equip and Heirloom enchanted cloth, with a embroidered leaf motif. It has the special effect of Featherfall, which reduces your maximum falling speed. You'll also find the Nature's Weave spell lovingly threaded into its fibers, surrounding the wearer with symbols of nature when activated.

Smoked Leatherskin Armor Crate

If a different look is what you're after, you might be interested in purchasing the new Smoked Leatherskin Armor Crate. When you unpack the crate, you'll find this full set, made of Attuneable, Heirloom, Appearance-Only, No-Value, Level 20 cloth, and it's guaranteed to keep away the chill. The anorak, mukluks, mitts, trousers and hood are black-tinted and Halas-themed; perfectly suited for a cool adventure in the snowy lands of Norrath.

The Smoked Leatherskin Hood can also be converted into a fur collar, for those who prefer their style with a wicked little twist. Whichever look you choose, the gold-weave detail on the shoulders and belt looks fabulous with both variations.