Greetings, Norrathians! We are thrilled to make the highly-anticipated announcement of the winners of our Notable Norrathians Forum Challenege!

It was not easy to choose just ten out of the amazing entries we received. The talent and creativty displayed were truly wonderful and there's a certiain very-jealous dark elf in the office right now!

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted an entry (the dark elf made note that she's saving a few for her own desktop wallpaper) and we invite everyone who didn't win this time to resubmit the next time we have a similar challenge.

The following entries will be made into in-game paintings:

My Immortal 
Felwithe by Moonlight 
 Adiene of Antonia Bayle
Shanyssa of Blackburrow 
Wrath of the Overlord  
 Lillyaanya of Antonia Bayle
 Diamante of Antonia Bayle

Culling the Infidel
The Lord and His Minions
Ainaree of Antonia Bayle
Inni of Antonia Bayle

Tunare's First Daughter
The Mysterious Drafling
Erithe of Antonia Bayle
Hortensia of Everfrost

Antonican Battle 
 Amree and Saphronia:
A Mentoring Session
 Corisu of the Bazaar
Enna of Antonia Bayle