We recently ran a forum challenge, encouraging our community's artists to submit their Notable Norrathians. Their reward for winning is to have their submission immortalized in EQII as a house painting! We're currently in the judging phase (and should see the results very soon!), but we thought it would be nice to show off all the entries for everyone to appreciate!

Mapped Horizons - Bellacouste of Everfrost

Culling the Infidel - Ainaree of Antonia Bayle

You Ruined Your Own Lands - Alarice of Antonia Bayle

Beloved of Bristlebane - Amemyst of the Bazaar

My Immortal - Adiene of Antonia Bayle

Woman Scorned - Connall of Antonia Bayle

Antonican Battle - Corisu of the Bazaar

Toxxulia Takes Off - Declaen of Crushbone

E'ci - Diamante of Antonia Bayle

Valor and Love - Dylara of Crushbone

Tayil N'Velex: The Betrayer
Elexi of Antonia Bayle

Amree and Saphronia: A Mentoring Session
Enna of Antonia Bayle

Tunare's First Daughter - Erithe of Antonia Bayle

The Mysterious Drafling - Hortensia of Everfrost

Maiden of Undeath - Imtithal of Nagafen

The Lord and His Minions - Inni of Antonia Bayle

Tunare's Chosen - Istanna of Guk

Food for Duggin - Jomoma of Befallen

The Shepherd of the Celestial Watch
Kethaerah of Mistmoore

Deceptively Handsome - Kikiriki of Antonia Bayle

Wrath of the Overlord - Lillyaanya of Antonia Bayle

The Enlightened - Nhea of Antonia Bayle

Lord Zephanor's Greatest Honor - Zephanor of Guk

Confronting the Forgotten One - Sess of Permafrost

Lucan D'Lere Got Pied - Saksisi of Nektulos

The Light of Tunare - Serenitii of Permafrost

The Mistress of Rage - Rainmare of Oasis

Felwithe by Moonlight - Shanyssa of Blackburrow

To Wield Soulfire - Solani of Oasis

Twilight in the Tunarian Throneroom
Starseeker of Crushbone

Turn of the Tide - Torryn of Antonia Bayle

Good for What Ails Ya - Vessence of Mistmoore

The Ascencion of Lanys T'Vyl - Xelexia of Unrest

Lord Mistmore's Not So Finest Moment - Zatrkorak of Nektulos

I Will Be Back - Ohlon