This week's Norrathian Homeshow highlights Zapheus' house at 4 Bayle Court on the Nagafen server. Unfortunately our intrepid gnome photographer was unable to locate the owner of the house for an interview. So everyone's favourite, fearless, death defying dark elf committed a teensy bit of breaking and entering to tour Zapheus' house and bring back the goods!

Kiara checked the list she found in her mailbox for the third time. It still said South Qeynos. Clearly, staring at the piece of paper she held wasn't going to change the location of the house she needed to tour.

Why did it always end up being Qeynos? It was almost as if people delighted in making her try to avoid the rude paladin types on their entirely too bright and shiny horses...

Kiara quickly slammed the door closed behind her. She'd made it in without a single hoofprint marring her armour. Today was going to be a great day for house touring! She'd also managed not to damage the door, too much, when she invited herself in. Always a good sign!
Trying to make as little noise as possible, the dark elf explored the entry area. It was very cozy! Nice thick area rugs, a cheerful fireplace, and some lovely paintings on the walls. Once again, Kiara mourned her total lack of decorating ability.
Since no one was at home to be annoyed by or stop her from playing the piano, Kiara had a seat and played a simply brilliant round of gnomesticks! Not many people can really appreciate just how difficult a piece that is...
Wandering into the dining room, she was presented with this fantastic view. It's so nice that one can choose one's dinner fresh out of the water like that. Strangely enough though, the inhabitants of the aquarium didn't seem nearly as happy to see her as she was to see them. Oh well!
Having peeked into all the drawers and handled everything there was to see in the dining room, Kiara made her way down to the cellar and through the rest of the house.

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